Dental Practice Case Study: $2753 Spent, $12,300+ Revenue, $75,000+ in Potential Long-Term Revenue

So we have been running 4 different marketing campaigns for a dental office in Augusta, called WRDC. We started running these campaigns in October 2018. One of the campaigns is for 50% OFF teeth whitening sessions, and that campaign has been showing us really good results. Here are the results: $2753 in ad spend 334 […]

Dentists: The Top 5 Benefits Of Having Video Case Studies

Most dental practice owners are extremely busy people. Unless they are close to retirement or have been gifted a really unique (read “lucky”) practice, they are the ones managing the day to day tasks for the most part. This means that they are directly responsible for: Buying new equipment Attending to patients Managing employees Paying […]

Dentists: If You Want To Increase Your Revenue, Know Your Numbers

Over the past few years that I have been working with dentists to bring in more patients and revenue for them, something interesting has started to dawn on me: 90% of dental practice owners and around 70% of office managers have no clue what the practice’s numbers are. See, a dental practice is a business, […]

Dental Practice Management: How To Automate Your Dental Practice For 2X Monthly Revenue

A big part of becoming the #1 expert in your niche and dominating your competitors is by automating tasks which can be automated. For most dental practices, this aspect isn’t too high on their priority list.Automating tasks could mean any of the following: Providing your front desk with scripts and checklists for standard procedures Implementing […]