Dental Practice Management: How To Automate Your Dental Practice For 2X Monthly Revenue

A big part of becoming the #1 expert in your niche and dominating your competitors is by automating tasks which can be automated.

For most dental practices, this aspect isn’t too high on their priority list.
Automating tasks could mean any of the following:

    • Providing your front desk with scripts and checklists for standard procedures
    • Implementing systems which work 24/7 to carry out redundant and mind-numbing tasks

Please note that some of the automation needs software which tracks the costs, revenues and the marketing aspects of your practice.

You can contact me to get more information about how to get this done.

Here’s a short summary of the most important tasks which should be automated:

    • When your front desk gets a lead, they should call it within 5 minutes and go by a script for best results.
    • Upon calling the prospect, your front desk should leave a voicemail if no one answers and then also text them. They should follow up in 2-3 days with another phone call if there is no response.
    • Whenever a new patient comes in, your staff should add them as a subscriber to your email newsletter.
    • When someone visits your dental website, they should automatically be retargeted.
    • When someone signs up through your ad, they should automatically receive a follow up text through the system.
    • You should use software which automatically tracks whether a certain person is a prospect, has an appointment, has come in for a consult or has paid you for treatment .
    • Your front desk should call the prospect a day before their appointment to remind them.
    • Your system should automatically text the prospect 24 hours before and 3 hours before the appointment.
    • Once the patient has received treatment and are about to leave, your front desk should give them a handwritten note asking them to review you.
    • Your front desk should follow up with this patient the next day by calling or texting them, reminding them about the review.
    • Your front desk should call people every 6 months to ask them if they’d like to come in for a dental checkup.

Getting all of these automation(s) going can easily increase the monthly revenue by at least 20-30% in 12 months.

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