you're losing 10-30 patients every month because…

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I hope you are well. 
I’ll keep this email short & sweet because I have to leave the office in 10 minutes. 
Over the years, I have talked to many dentists in US & Canada. 
Most of them are using Google AdWords (and paying a LOT per click) & sending out postcards to bring in new patients. 
Only 10% of them are using Facebook Ads the right way to increase revenue. 
And only 20% of them are using retargeting. 
But what really surprised me was that only 1 out of 20 (5%) dental offices had an active Facebook page.
When I asked them why this was the case, the dentists said they don’t need it because “we get patients through word-of-mouth..”
Fair enough. 
However, research shows that 74% of people wanting to go to the dentist look up the dental office on Facebook. 
If they don’t find a relevant Facebook page, or if the page isn’t active they take their business elsewhere.
Because, to them a non-existent Facebook page literally screams “This dental office is not on top of things”.
Unfortunately, that is the power of social media.
I’d recommend that you take a look at your Facebook page.
If you aren’t already doing so, it would be beneficial to make 2 posts everyday on it. 
Doing so should bring in 10-30 new patients every month for you (who would have otherwise gone somewhere else). 
It is also great for your brand image.
My team creates high-quality, engaging, branded content for dental clinics (for their Facebook page) so you don’t have to worry about creating & posting content.
If you need help, feel free to email me. 
Yasir Khan
Founder of Promote Dental
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