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I have talked to enough dentists to know that they are always extremely busy people.
This is probably the reason why they don’t realize why their business is very silently being “taken away” from them. 
Simply put, in ANY city, the vast majority of dental offices are doing this:
1. Using Google AdWords, spending $8-28 per click and getting new patients at a cost of around $300-800 (sometimes $1200!). 
2. Sending out postcards & getting 2 new patients for 300-500 postcards mailed out.
3. Relying on word of mouth. 
4. Not making sure their front desk is doing a great job at following up with interested prospects.
On the other hand, the handful of dental offices which are taking away the lion’s share of the business are:
1. Using Facebook Ads to bring in patients at a cost of $50-90 each.
2. Using an email autoresponder (weekly newsletter) to market for them on auto-pilot (resulting in 2X more patients).
3. Using retargeting (which is a fancy word for showing your ad/offer to people who landed on your site, for the next 30 days). Retargeting can easily increase your business by 2X if used properly.
If you aren’t using all these 3 strategies, you can be sure that the few dentists in your area who are doing so are taking away a good chunk of your business.
This dramatically increases your costs of bringing in new patients.
Worst case scenario, this can turn into a vicious cycle where you are only able to get a few new patients every month and that too at a much higher price.
The solution: Implement the 3 strategies above for your practice so YOU get most of the dental leads in your city.
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