Retargeting: A Simple Strategy To Become The #1 Dental Office In Town

97% of dental offices do not use retargeting. In fact, most dentists do not know what retargeting is.
I would go so far as to say that if you aren’t using retargeting, you will start seeing a considerable increase in monthly revenue once you put it into action.
Retargeting is another way of engaging your prospects and getting them to walk through the door.
See, when someone lands on your dental website, most of them will not book an appointment with you or call in.
Maybe they were visiting your site out of curiosity, maybe their baby started crying and they had to go, maybe someone was at the door, maybe a friend called…
People these days have a lot on their minds and also have a lot of distractions to deal with. Also, attention spans have drastically reduced from what they were 10 years ago.
For these reasons, they need to “see” your offer or brand at least 7-12 times within a small period of time before they decide to give you a shot.
Ask yourself, if you saw an ad from a company once would you buy from that company?
Probably not, right?
Now let’s say you keep seeing the ad multiple times a month.
Something just might click with you.
You might think, “I keep seeing their case studies and testimonials so this dental office must be really good…” or “I remember visiting their site 2 days ago when my friend called so I forgot about it. I need to check it out again”.
This is exactly what retargeting does.
It allows your prospects to come back, see what you have to offer and then decide to call in for an appointment.
Check out – they are one of the best retargeting platforms available.
Now let’s talk about how retargeting works.
Let’s assume you are offering people 50% off teeth whitening to get them through the door in the hopes that they become your long-time patients.
Some people click on your ad and then forget to sign up because of a distraction.
If retargeting is on, those people will see another ad from you saying:
“Hey, you checked out our 50% off teeth whitening offer but you didn’t book an appointment… Would you like to do so now?”.
This retargeting ad can show up when they are on Facebook or when they are on the web.
This strategy can get many more people to give you a second chance because they were reminded to carry out an action they might have forgotten about.
Action: Ask your marketing team if they have enabled retargeting campaigns for your dental site. If they haven’t, you are leaving money on the table.

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