Dentists: Understand The 3% Rule

If you have been using Google AdWords (and tracking the costs and ROI), you would know that less than 10% of people who click on your ads actually become patients.
Remember, you get charged $5 to $35 per click depending on where you are, even if most clicks don’t become your patients.
For that reason, you might see these statistics in a certain month:

  • Ad spend: $1,500


  • Clicks: 150 at $10 per click


  • New patients: 6

In this particular example, you have had 150 clicks but only 6 patients.
What this means is that the vast majority of people who showed interest (who clicked on the ad) did not become your patients.
Here’s the thing: This is totally normal.
Statistically, only 3% of people who show any kind of interest are ready to become your patient now.
Around 10% of them are gathering information and they will do so in the next 14-30 days.
The remaining 87% are kind of interested and might come in for treatment in 30 days to 6+ months.
It is these 97% of people who are wildly neglected.
Unfortunately, this is also where most of the money really is.
Remember, if you don’t have a system which keeps you in front of interested people during this period, they will forget about you and go to a dental office which has found a way to actively stay in the limelight.
The trick is to get the people who have become your patients to keep giving you their business for the long term (i.e. keep coming back for regular dental checkups, teeth whitening, root canal, implants and crowns etc.)
You also want them to actively refer their family and friends to you.
This might sound trivial but it isn’t.
It can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your revenue a year.
Action: Sit down with your staff and ask them how many people normally show interest to generate 1 patient. Chances are that for every 100 people showing interest (clicking on your ad, visiting your website, calling in to inquire, talking to your front desk through live chat), 3-5 will become your patients right there and then.
Work with your staff to improve this ratio.

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