1 Simple Strategy To 2X Your Dental Practice's Revenue

Here’s a groundbreaking piece of research that could literally turn your practice around.
80% of sales happen on the 7th to 12th contact.
In other words, your practice will generate a lot more revenue if each of your prospects sees your offers or hears from you at least 7-12 times within a short period of time.
What does this mean?
See, most dental offices use the old way of marketing which shows their offers to prospects only once in a short period of time.
An example would be someone landing on your website once and then leaving.
Another example would be someone seeing your postcard once every 6 months.
Yet another example would be your front desk calling them every 6 months.
This does not cement your presence and authority in their mind.
On the other hand, if you manage to show let your prospects hear from you at least 7-12 times in as little as one month, you will start seeing a considerably increase in patient retention and revenue.
This happens because the more your audience sees or hears from you, the higher the chance that they start thinking of you as an authority and being on top of your game.
So how do you do so?
Here are some proven strategies:

  • Ask your front desk to contact new leads through all mediums: Phone, voicemail, text etc.


  • Ask your front desk to call a person who has shown interest at least 3 times on different days before giving up


  • Create a Facebook fan page for your practice. Use MeetEdgar.com to schedule 3 posts a day.


  • Retarget people who land on your website so that they keep seeing your offers/ads for the next 30 days.


  • Invest in efforts to get more people in your area to like your practice’s Facebook page by using a “Like” campaign on Facebook.

Action: Ask your staff if the average prospect is “touched” by your marketing or follow up at least 7-12 times in a month. If the answer is “No”, implement a plan to make it happen.

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